EVENT DATE:    Friday, 13th April 2018
EVENT TIMES:   7.00am for 7.30am START  to  2.00pm FINISH
VENUE:              Townsville Stadium, 40-48 Murray Lyons Crescent, Annandale Qld

Queensland Youth Services (QYS) has been proactive in providing specialised youth services in Townsville since 1978.  Our services Empower Youth to transform their lives, by addressing homelessness, family breakdown, criminality, substance misuses, mental health, teen pregnancy, and disengagement from education. Our expertise is working with vulnerable young people and their families. Last financial year QYS assisted 660 youth, including 96 homeless youth to obtain long term accommodation, 107 young parents, and 275 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

QYS youth workers see every day the challenges, parents, teachers, trainers, and other youth workers have in engaging youth in learning and other meaningful activities. QYS proposes to assist the Townville community to re-engage youth in education, employment and other meaningful activities by coordinating an annual youth forum. The forum will bring high profile key note speakers to our region, providing information on current research and innovative practices. A forum of this kind will strengthen our community, by building the capacity of our families and our workforce to improve the well-being and safety of all youth in our community. QYS proposes to launch our inaugural youth forum during youth week, 6th – 15th of April 2018.

An investment in our youth is an investment in our future.  Sponsorship packages


Time slot Activity
7.00-7.30am Sign in
7.30-7.50am Breakfast – Finger food
7.50-8.00am Welcome
8.00-9.00am Key note speaker – Nathan Hulls
“Engaging & Communicating with Youth”
9.00-9.15am Break off to go to session rooms
Session time ROOM 1 ROOM 2 ROOM 3 ROOM 4
9.15-10.00am 1. Building resilience in young people 4. Recognising the signs of addictive behaviours and preventative tools 7. Engaging youth in Learning and Training 10. Embedding cultural perspectives into youth support services
10.00-10.15am Morning tea
10.15-11.00am 2. Developing self leadership in young people 5. Choosing not to hate – Building humanitarian empathy and healthy relationships in young 8. Creating employment and developing entrepreneurship in young people 11. Using social etiquette in the digital landscape (e-safety)
11.15-12.00pm 3. Tools for strengthening well-being and mental health 6. Understanding YOUTH rights and responsibilities under the Anti-Discrimination Act 9. Developing and including youth designed programs into your services 12. Creating integrated models for after hours engagement and support of young people
12.00-12.30pm  Lunch
12.30-2.00pm    Creating a Community based solution to YOUTH CRIME – a Collective Impact