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Reconnect Program

Reconnect Program

Early intervention outreach program which targets young people (12 to 18 years) who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by reconnecting them with family, education, training or employment.

Young Parents Programs

Young Parents Programs

Aimed at assisting young parents, their partners and their children through various projects, outreach, information and referral services.

Youth Housing & Reintegration Service

Youth Housing & Reintegration Service

Aims to reduce homelessness affecting young people who are transitioning from child protection, transitioning to the community following a period of sentence or remand in a Youth Detention Centre, or are homeless.

LearnIT Youth Mentoring Program

LearnIT Youth Mentoring Program will target young people who do not have the ability to complete their 100 hours of supervised driving experience without the assistance of this program.

Recycle Your Dreams – Empowering Youth Initiative

The Recycle Your Dreams initiative will empower targeted youth aged 15-24 years to address barriers to employment and reduce their risk of becoming welfare dependent via a social enterprise, providing a supportive working environment for youth in their first job.

Recycle Your Dreams was previously funded by the Federal Department of Jobs and Small Business as an Empowering Youth Initiative. The previous 2 year grant has now ended and Recycle Your Dreams has ceased operation. Queensland Youth Services are currently seeking alternative funding.

Laptop Program

Queensland Youth Services have been given the opportunity to assist young people aged between 12 and 25 years who are in education or a training course and do not have the capacity to purchase a computer.

With the help of local private schools and our Volunteer I.T mentors we have assisted more than 260 students, however we have almost run out of donated laptops, so we have made the sad decision to finalise the Laptop Program. The last session will be held on the 27th February 2020.

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Are you someone or do you know anyone who can volunteer a couple of hours a week to mentor young people and help them get their 100 driving hours? If you answered YES to this then WE NEED YOU for our LearnIt Youth Mentoring Program!!
Call Murray on 0439 386 498 to sign up!



Laptop Program (LAST ONE)



16/03/2020 – 19/03/2020
Learner Licence & Road Safety Program
20/04/2020 – 23/03/2020
Learner Licence & Road Safety Program
25/05/2020 – 28/05/2020
Learner Licence & Road Safety Program


29/06/2020 – 2/07/2020
Learner Licence & Road Safety Program


24/08/2020 – 27/08/2020

Learner Licence & Road Safety Program

 Note – Dates for the Learner Licence and Road Safety Program are tentative only and are subject to change.Please confirm prior to commencement of the program.