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Each donation provides an opportunity to strengthen and develop the services our organisation offers to disadvantaged youth. 100% of all donations go towards helping disadvantaged youth.

Please note: Queensland Youth Services Inc. is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient under Subdivision 30-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act of 1997. Donations can be made online via PayPal or credit card payment over the phone by calling (07) 4771 3648. To request a receipt for your donation, contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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Identification Project

For many of us, our parents registered our birth, paid for our birth certificate, opened our first bank account, registered us on their Medicare card and supported us while we got our Learner’s permit and driver’s licence. We were supported during our transition into independent living and adulthood.

Unfortunately, for many of the young people supported by Queensland Youth Services, this is not the case.

Imagine you’re 16 years old and couch surfing from one friend’s place to another because it is unsafe for you to go home. Your stepfather has been making sexual advances towards you and when you tell your mother about it, she accuses you of lying.

You leave home, but you have no income. When you go to Centrelink for financial assistance, they require proof of ID and a bank account. You go to the bank to set this up, however they require 100 points of identification. All you have is your school photo ID.

You ask your mother for your birth certificate, but she refuses to hand it over and tells you to come home where it is still unsafe. Without this ID document or the assistance of your parent, you have no way to prove who you are.

This is a story we have heard all too often while working with young people.

Identification is a human right, however without a supportive home environment, or income, identification documents can be hard to obtain. QYS has launched the Identification Project to ensure that young people in unsafe situations are able to get their ID documents when they need them.

Each donation made towards the QYS Identification Project helps a young person access their necessary identification documents so they can pursue their transition to independence and empowerment. See below for the costs of various Queensland identification documents to get an idea of the type of donation that could be of assistance to a young person.

Birth certificate $52
18+ Card $73
Learner’s Permit $182
P Licence (1 Year) $84
School Records $50

One-Time or Recurring Donations

The information below provides examples of how a donation can be used towards helping disadvantaged youth.


Emergency Relief Parcels Food boxes & vouchers
Hygiene Packs Soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, female hygiene products, shampoo, towels


Newborn Baby Packs Supplies for young parents & babies
Professional Counseling Session Professional help for a young person with complex mental health needs
LearnIT Vehicle Fuel
Provide fuel for a training vehicle for up to one (1) week so that it can continue to provide driving lessons
Professional Driving Lessons Up to three (3) professional driving lessons, providing 9 hrs of driving experience


Sponsor a Young Person Learn the stories of our young people to better understand how they can be supported towards success
Training or Workshops First aid training for young parents, healthy relationships, self-respect, sex education or professional development for staff to improve service delivery
Corporate Donations for

Programs or Services

Help drive a program towards success by giving it the extra support it needs to deliver its outcomes

Corporate Sponsorship or In-Kind Support

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