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Learn how to support the mental health of young people and ‘be by their side’.

Family members and close friends play an important role in providing support for those going through tough times, therefore being able to offer support with the right knowledge, skills and awareness is critical.

Headspace has put together a resource guide which includes useful information and tools for navigating how to support a young person going through a difficult time with their mental health. This guide includes:

✔ What to do when you’re worried about a young person

✔ Spotting the signs of mental health difficulties

✔ How to start the conversation about mental health

✔ Managing life transitions (e.g. primary to secondary school)

✔ Building healthy relationships with a young person

✔ Responding to family conflict

✔ Access to online or phone support with a clinician or peer groups

& so much more

Access the guide here and boost your awareness today.