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A Father and Son were homeless and sleeping in in their car with their dog.  Real Estate agents would not rent any properties to them, due to their lack of security.  Youth Justice and Child Safety were struggling to support the pair and eventually referred the young boy to the YHARS (Townsville Youth Housing and Reintegration Service) service.  Even though their location was out of the catchment area for this program, our service found a way to assist.

YHARS were able to assist in securing permanent, long term, affordable accommodation for the pair.  The boy is now regularly engaged with a Job Network service and Instep to assist transition to employment.  He is currently in training.

The Father rang the service to say how appreciative he and his son are and the amount of help that you have been extending to them.  He says he is almost in tears, he feels he has never been treated so nicely in his life; also the dog is very happy too.