June 2022 LearnIT Graduates

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Congratulations to our LearnIT graduates for the month of June!
Zachery (#14) passed his P test with flying colours and even came into the LearnIT office to personally thank the team of staff and volunteers for assisting in achieving one of his life goals; gaining his driver’s licence. Now he’s able to get extra work and is also trying to get his own wheels on the road.
Laura (#15) loved LearnIT so much she came back a second time to get her manual licence after successfully gaining her auto licence with us back in February this year. It took Laura 27.5 hours to learn how to use a manual gear box allowing her to join the ‘Women In Motorsports’ group which has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for her.
Chaise (#16) said it best “LearnIt has helped me a lot with getting my license I feel a lot more confident on the road it has also helped me and my boss with me being a second year apprentice mechanic. I would highly recommend LearnIt to anyone starting to learn how to drive. Thanks to Deanna, Murray and the team for helping me reach my goal.”
Layla (#17) persevered and after a second try, she passed her P test having spent 77 hours with LearnIT. Now that she’s a licenced driver, Layla and her daughter can travel with more freedom, giving them more opportunities to go on adventures and enjoy life together.
All the best in your travels! 🥳

LearnIT graduate holding a red P plate sticker in July 2022