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LearnIT, our Learner Driver Mentor Program, is designed to assist learner drivers aged 25 years and under who do not have access to a suitable vehicle or supervisor with obtaining road safety skills and supervised driving hours in pursuit of their Provisional (P1) Licence.

LearnIT aims to assist those in need by putting safer drivers on the road while helping them on their path towards independence.

Program Benefits

Sometimes, getting your driver’s licence can be a huge challenge. Learner drivers are required to complete a certain number of supervised driving hours before they are eligible to undertake their practical driving exam and hopefully become a licensed driver.

For some young people, the steps it takes to complete these requirements are difficult and frequently impossible to achieve, preventing those in challenging or vulnerable positions from obtaining their driver’s licence altogether.

Not having a driver’s licence can present many obstacles, such as reducing a person’s access to employment opportunities, the community, other support services and simply limiting their overall independence which negatively impacts one’s mental health.

Program Inclusions


Driving Lessons

1 hr lessons conducted by fully trained Driving Mentors, booked by the learner driver.

  • Each lesson will focus on establishing basic road safety skills, strengthening on-road competency and ensuring the learner driver have the opportunity to work on driving strengths and weaknesses in a supportive professional environment. Each lesson provides the learner with the skills and training to pass their provisional driving exam.
  • All lessons are conducted in LearnIT vehicles.
  • Arrangements can be made for Mentors to pick-up/drop of learner drivers for lessons.


Driving Lessons

Up to three (3) professional driving lessons provided during your time in the program if necessary (if eligible).

Graduate School of Motoring


StreetSmarts is an educational platform for learning more about road safety so that together, we can help make a difference in our community.

Road Safety Starts With Me
a Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads initiative


You’re eligible for LearnIT if you:

  • Are between 16 and 25 years of age
  • Hold a valid Learner’s licence
  • Lack the financial means to get your driver’s licence
  • Do not have access to a suitable vehicle or driving supervisor to learn from or complete your supervised driving hours with

How to Access

I’m a learner driver who needs assistance.
How can I access the program?

First time?

Need to book a lesson?

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The LearnIT Learner Driver Mentor Program, delivered by Queensland Youth Services, is funded by the Department of Transport and Main Roads under the Community Road Safety Grants.

Become a Volunteer Driving Mentor today!

Our Mentors are what make LearnIT so great.

Our Volunter Driving Mentors conduct all supervised driving lessons and assist with other relevant program operations where applicable. 

The impact our Mentors have on our young people, our learner drivers, and the community is immeasurable. We know that the difference each Mentor makes in the lives of those they cross pathes with through our program is sure to create generations of positive change. 

Why volunteer for LearnIT?

  • Improve life opportunities for vulnerable young people while their building confidence and self-esteem
  • Help your community by creating safer, more skilled drivers
  • Improve your driving skills and meet new people
  • Vehicles and training are provided by our program


I’d like to become a Volunteer Driving Mentor. What do I need?

You must have the following to volunteer for LearnIT:

  • Open driver’s licence (held for a minimum of 1 year)
  • Blue Card holder (or be eligible to apply)

Help us continue to build better communities and safer roads by volunteering for LearnIT today.

Program Contacts


Murray Holm


Colleen Wing