Youth Housing & Reintegration Service

The Youth Housing and Reintegration Service’s objective is to reduce homelessness affecting young people aged 12-21 years who are either exiting, or transitioning from child protection orders, are transitioning to the community following a period of sentence or remand in a Youth Detention Centre, or are homeless, or in inadequate housing.

The Townsville YHaRS program is funded by the Queensland Government, Department of Communities.

The Program has two components: a) Support Service, b) After Care Service

a) The Support Service will provide case management based assistance and brokerage. There will be four stages in the service delivery –

  1. Stage 1. Referrals and assessment.
  2. Stage 2. Initial intervention.
  3. Stage 3. Medium/long term assistance
  4. Stage 4. Follow up and evaluation

Geographical location: Townsville

Please read information pages prior to referring to the YHaRS program Support Service.
b) After Care Service
The After Care Service will support young people aged 17-21 years who are exiting care or who already have exited from care after being subject to a child protection order. This  can include young people aged 16 years that are ‘self-placing’ or disengaged from the child protection system.

Provision of Case Management will be limited to young people in this client group who reside in the Townsville area. The main focus of this service will be provision of brokerage funding. Techniques similar to these applied in case of the Support Service will be used.

Geographic catchment areas/referral sources:
Townsville Local Government Area for Support Service clients and North Queensland and Far North Queensland (Department of Communities) regions for After Care Service clients eligible for brokerage funds.

Please read YHARS Guidelines and Information prior to referring to the YHaRS program After Care Service.

YHARS Referral Form 2021


Address: 16 Somer Street, Hyde Park QLD 4812
Phone: (07) 4723 4172 & (07) 4723 4213
Opening hours: 8:30am-5:00pm Mon-Friday
Chris Martin
Program Coordinator
Ph: 0417 847 619
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Cassy Hinds
YHaRS Administrator
Ph: 4723 4213
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Dalen Steenhuis
Program Worker
Ph: 0437 083 516
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Anna Murphy
Program Worker
Ph: 0477 007 026
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James O’Hagan
Program Worker
Ph: 0419 315 427
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Jodie Cronk
Program Worker
Ph: 0429 705 525
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Mt Isa:

Address: 71 Barkly Highway, Mt Isa Qld 4825
Phone: (07) 4410 9370
Opening hours: 8:30am-5:00pm Mon-Friday
Priscilla Lane
Team Leader
Ph: 0436 617 419
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Esther Nwagbara
Case Worker
Ph: 0477 003 693
email hidden; JavaScript is required………………………………………..Georgina Saltmere
Case Worker
Ph: 0436 626 267
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