Project Overhaul

Project Overhaul is an early intervention program offering young people at risk of engaging in offending or anti-social behaviour with opportunities to reflect and work towards personal and professional development via vocational gateways, case management and support.

This program aims to work with young people whose profile indicates a risk of engaging in offending or anti-social behaviour by intervening early and, where applicable, diverting participants from a path towards disengagement from society or the court system.

Program Benefits

Through mentorship and support, program participants with a willingness to change will:

  • Access job readiness training and professional development
  • Develop socially acceptable behaviours and practical skills for life
  • Reflect on their core values and align their behaviours with with a desirable future

Through various engagement opportunities and continued empowerment, Project Overhaul will assist each young person in their transition to independence and a better path.

Program Inclusions

Participants can choose to partake in one of three program gateways.

Each gateway will have a qualified Youth Worker providing case management and support to the young people who have been admitted to the program. A qualified Trades Person will be on site conducting activities for each of the Townsville gateways. A local Indigenous Elder will conduct all on-country activities for the Mt Isa gateway. Note that gateway selection is based on location (Townsville or Mt Isa) and program availability.


Chameleon Upcycled Products

A social enterprise providing a simulated workplace experience where participants can learn carpentry/boiler making skills and access job readiness training.



Learn the basic skills of how to make professional coffee and other beverages, operate equipment and access job readiness skills need to gain employment in a café or restaurant.


Healing On Country

Focused on preserving cultural knowledge, this program assists young people with regaining their cultural identity through hands-on activities which provide a sense of purpose and appreciation for our community.


Young people may be eligible for this program if they:

  • Are between 14 to 21 years of age
  • Display a willingness to make positive changes in their life
  • Are transitioning out of detention (first time offenders)
  • Are on bail (first time offenders)
  • Have a parent or sibling who is incarcerated
  • Are disengaged from education
  • Known to be part of a gang and are displaying anti-social behaviour
  • On a youth justice order

How to Access

Do you know a young person who may benefit from Project Overhaul? 

To access the program, an eligible young person must first become a client of the service. Referrals for new clients are accepted from:

  • Youth/Case Workers and other youth engagement or community service programs
  • Detention Centre Transition Officers
  • Youth Justice Support Workers
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Police Liaison Officers
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services
  • School Guidance Officers
  • Friends and family members of a young person at risk of engaging in offending or anti-social behaviour
  • Self-referral (a young person who feels they need help)

A member of the Project Overhaul team will contact you about the outcome of your referral shortly. For more information, email all enquiries to .

Chameleon Upcycled Products

Chameleon Upcycled Products is here, ready to make custom-made items just for you.

Our fully operational workshop creates bespoke custom-made items out of recycled materials in an environment that provides a simulated workplace experience for young people who wish to learn carpentry or metal work skills while accessing job readiness training.

All items we create are made at the hands of our young people, with supervision from our trade mentor, out of materials found in the community such as pallets or recycled wood and metal from building sites or demolished houses.

We can make furniture, gifts, art – you name it and we’ll do our best to make your request a reality.

All proceeds from custom purchases made go towards our workshop to help our young people continue accessing job readiness training by further developing upcoming projects and opportunities.

Program Contacts


Marina Cross


Geoff Cameron

Program Administrator

Dane Paterson

Trade Mentor

Doug Bruce

Youth Worker