QYS 2012 Poem

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With no Jacek anymore to fret
and from 2011 without any regret
QYS has again prevailed
for the youth that have derailed

With the State IMPLODING
and the country EXPLODING
our help is in demand
for those that are being harmed

YSC, YHARS, GS4W, YPP and Reconnect
so many programs you can select
to assist the youth off the street
in the schools and anywhere we meet

Young Mums and Dads
Kids without a home, whether good or bad
we help without judgement, with dignity and respect
to develop a sense of pride and the community aspect

Up in Ingham, out to the Towers and Ayr
With Fred, Sarah, Skye and Jodi there
They see it all in those places
Even crocodiles like their faces

In Townsville we are the tried and true
Tammie, Tom and Mel have been around a year or two
Not a day goes by that they don’t regret
Helping QYS to be one not to forget

Thank you all for being part of QYS
Our gratitude to you is endless
Through future years we will evolve
So thank you for 20 (twenty) 12 (twelve)


by Gaye Newey
Resource Officer