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Sponsorship provides opportunities for those who wish to do something good for their community to take collaborative action with those who have the skills to make those actions happen.

How can you get involved?

Queensland Youth Services wants to help you take action in empowering young people to build a better tomorrow.

Sponsors are one of our main pillars of support when it comes to delivering our programs and services to our community. Support, which can come in the form of monetary or in-kind donations, allows us to go above and beyond when working towards successful outcomes for our young people and their families. The support of our community, locals supporting locals, is the fuel that keeps our mission and our passion for continuing to always do our best going. 

Local businesses and individuals who connect with our mission can take action in the following ways:


Any monetary donation given to support a program or event, whether on a one-off or recurring basis.


Donating goods or services to a program or event, whether on a one-off or recurring basis such as consumable supplies or other essential services.


Funding the cost of, or providing pro bono, media promotion(s), ambassadorship, radio broadcasts, advertising campaigns, printed advertisements etc. for events, programs and campaigns.

Employee Engagement

Offering incentives for employees to volunteer for us to encourage more community engagement or to make donations to strengthen our ability to deliver our mission.


Businesses can match the donations their employees or stakeholders make to a program or campaign to double its impact.

Fundraise for Us

Host an event or campaign in support of our organisation or one of our programs then donate the proceeds to us once complete.

Sponsors can also donate money, volunteers, supplies, raffle items, pro bono services and more towards boosting the success and impact of an upcoming event or initiative.

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Why sponsor us?

The choice to sponsor our organisation will not only assist us in successfully delivering our mission, it will also provide your company with:

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