Strengthening Young Minds

Strengthening Young Minds

Strengthening Young Minds aims to build the capacity of young people as they face adversity through theoretical and practical experiences focused on improving and prioritising youth mental health and wellbeing.

Program Objectives

Many young people live life with undiagnosed mental health conditions or are not receiving the assistance and support they require to thrive. Accessing functional assessments, tests and treatment is sometimes nearly impossible, especially for vulnerable youth with limited personal finances and resources.

Strengthening Young Minds provides a space for young people to develop their knowledge surrounding the five pillars of Resilience, through a variety of approaches, so they can build quality lifestyles using crucial skills and concepts.

The five pillars of Resilience include Self-Awareness, Self-Care, Positive Relationships, and Purpose. By strengthening each young person’s understanding of these concepts, participants will develop their ability to regulate their mental health and wellbeing, empowering them to become a champion of their future.

Program Inclusions

Camps &

Improving understanding surrounding the skills for coping with adversity and stress through a variety of theoretical and practical pathways.

  • Four (4) camps annually for youth aged 12-15
  • Four (4) camps annually for youth aged 16-18
  • Six (6) workshops annually youth aged 19-21

& Support

Provided to create a coordinated service response towards mental health and wellbeing.

Participants who engage in camps and workshops will also be supported in between each event to apply the strategies and skills they have learned. Strategies and skills learned will be cumulative and will be built upon following each event.

Psychological Referrals &

Increasing access to necessary mental health services and care through advocacy and support.

Clients will be supported to access a GP to initiate a Mental Health Care Plan, as well as psychological assessments, test, treatments, and assistance as necessary and within the capacity of the program.


Strengthening Young Minds offers support to young people who are:

  • Aged 12 to 21 years
  • Have a history of a mental health condition
  • Are showing symptoms of a mental health condition
  • Need support and advocacy with their mental health
  • Located in the Townsville/Burdekin/Hinchinbrook regions (Townsville, Ingham, Charters Towers, Ayr, Home Hill and Palm Island)

How to Access

To join Strengthening Young Minds, an eligible young person must first become a client of the service.

Referrals for new clients are accepted from everyone:

  • Youth/Case Workers and other service providers
  • Social Workers
  • School Guidance Officers
  • Friends and family members of a vulnerable young person
  • Self-referral (a young person who feels they need support)

Complete the referral form below to register for the program. A member of the Strengthening Young Minds team will contact you shortly. For more information, email all queries to or phone (07) 4410 9379.

Program Contacts


Josephine Bethel

Team Leader