Young Parents Program

The Young Parents Program provides a range of services and support tailored to meet the needs of young parents, their partners, and their children.

Young parents can find refuge within this program, as it provides a friendly, non-judgemental space to make friends and have fun (for parents, partners and children alike), while offering activities and information that are valuable for all involved.

Program Inclusions

Playgroups & Parent Groups

The program helps parents and their children come together in safe, informative and engaging environments by providing opportunities to attend playgroups or parent groups within the community.

  • Playgroup sessions provide opportunities for childhood educational activities that parents are able to participate in with their children, aimed at improving child development and parenting skills.
  • Parent groups provide parent-focused activities aimed at improving skills, knowledge and capacity for supporting and managing children and families.

Activities may include craft, workshops, visits to organisations and specialists (e.g. occupational therapists, dieticians, child health nurses etc.), as well as visits to community events. These groups may also be used to facilitate supervised access visits for families who have children in foster care, as program staff will be on site to provide supervision.

All group activities are free, held in accessible venues with catering and transportation sometimes provided (if applicable).

Case Management

Provided to families needing additional support; this may include home visits, information provision, advocacy and assistance with referrals to services (Department of Housing, NDIS, specialist doctors etc.).

Resource Provision

Families experiencing hardship can receive items such as prams, cots, household furniture, clothing, food parcels and other miscellaneous items. Resource provision is limited by the availability/types of items donated to the program and brokerage (funding capacity).

Coordinated Response & Service Referrals

By working collaboratively with other services and agencies, the program provides a coordinated response to families experiencing disadvantage. Through the creation of a support network, specialised service coordination and collaborative case management, families can receive the assistance they need to lead functional life.


The Young Parents Program welcomes those who are:

  • Young parents under 25 years of age
  • Young people expecting a child
  • Young people with children in foster care
  • Young parents, or parents to be, residing in Townsville

How to Access

To access support from the Young Parents Program, an eligible young person must first become a client of the service.

Contact Corrie Segboer, Program Coordinator, on 0418 721 464 or at to make a referral or to learn more about the program.

Become a member of the Young Parents Townsville Facebook group to stay connected with other families and new friends!

Program Contacts


Corrie Segboer